Abby and Me

I still have my first camera that I received when I was 10. Over the years I have captured those fleeting moments in life for my family, friends, and clients.Why am I a photographer? Because I love to help people capture special moments in their lives and preserve valuable memories, such as graduations, weddings, family gatherings, and births. I believe the most successful images are caught when people are comfortable and relaxed, having fun and being “in the moment”. That way, you get “real” expressions and natural movements.

That’s why in my over 25 years as a professional photographer, my clients have used words such as “fun”, “creative”, “customer-focused”, and “flexible” to describe me and my work.

I also find the wonders of nature irresistible. I feel that if I can help others stop and consider the world around us, I can help them enjoy the beauty of life.

Why am I a photographer? Because I don’t just take pictures. I use light, texture, backgrounds, colors, and composition to tell a story, reveal an emotion, create a mystery, or expose the beauty that surrounds us. I invite you to visit my collection and let me help uncover the joy and meaning in yours.